In addition to the many on-campus opportunities members have each year, there are a handful of times we take our students off-campus.  These are a few of those opportunities:
In September, we will embark on our fourth annual Student Leadership Retreat.  This overnight adventure teams up with the Student Ambassador organization and includes a lot of teambuilding, bonfire, S’mores, and a lot of random fun.  It's a great chance to connect with other student leaders and have a LOT of fun in the process (though we will warn you, you may not get much sleep).
Each fall, 8-10 student leaders attend the annual APCA Regional Conference.  What is APCA?  This November, it's a weekend adventure to Chicago with roughly 250 college students from 50 colleges across the Midwest.  There is leadership training and the opportunity to see 50+ entertainers – live.  A comedian for 10 minutes, a musician for 10 minutes, and much much more.  Most of the entertainers we bring to campus are because students like YOU attended the APCA event in the past and requested specific entertainers to visit Kirkwood.  If you've never participated in a flash mob, gave a random stranger a hi-five (or hug), or randomly started dancing - this might be for you.
This is by far the most political thing we do all year, but don’t fear if politics is not your thing.  5 or 6 students travel overnight to Des Moines to learn more about state funding for Iowa’s community colleges.  You’ll quickly learn that politics is not as intimidating as you once thought and understand the importance of paying attention to the news and understanding the process.  You’ll have the opportunity to talk with our elected officials, tour the state capitol, and perhaps take a walk “all the way to the top.”
Each spring, four to six students are selected from the student body to travel to Washington DC with Kirkwood’s president and board of trustees.  This 4 day experience gives you an understanding of how Kirkwood works with national organizations as well as our elected officials in Washington.  It’s a chance for our president and board to get to know students on a personal level and gives our students a once in a lifetime opportunity as well.  Students talk to several people about their own experience at Kirkwood Community College.  Although the reason we go is for the important stuff, there is plenty of time to see the sights of our nation's capital.  Most of the students selected for this opportunity are members of SLC.