When to get a tutor:

  • You need help understanding the ideas, concepts or homework.
  • You need help to prepare for a test.
  • You are falling behind in class.

Before you meet with your tutor:

  • Read your syllabus and course schedule. This will help you schedule your tutoring appointments to properly prepare for tests and quizzes without cramming.
  • Start your homework. This will help identify problem areas to focus on during your tutoring appointment.
  • Do your best to understand as much of the material as possible.

What to bring with you:

  • Textbook
  • Course materials (syllabus, course schedule, etc.)
  • Previous homework assignments, quizzes and tests
  • Notes, study guides, flash cards and other study tools
  • Homework, similar problems or challenging problems
  • Specific questions for your tutor.

While working with your tutor:

  • Understand that you may have to wait for the tutor to get to you; please be patient.
  • Understand that the tutor may need to review your textbook, class notes, and/or previous problems to fully answer your question.
  • Understand that if there are other students waiting the tutor may not be able to work with you for more than five minutes at a time. Please have your materials and questions ready.
  • Participate and ask questions! This is YOUR tutoring appointment, so be sure to be involved.
  • Do not feel embarrassed if you need to have something repeated or need your tutor to slow down.
  • Your tutor will not do your homework for you, and will not correct your completed homework. There is no other way for you to learn the material than for you to do the work yourself.

After working with your tutor:

  • Review what you covered with your tutor. This good study habit will help you retain what you learned. 

General Advice:

  • Attend all classes and actively participate! Ask questions and take notes. This may answer your questions immediately. Know and understand instructor's expectations and guidelines. 
  • Form study groups with other students from class to review homework and prepare for tests. The whole group is welcome to stop in for walk-in tutoring!
  • Your instructor is your best resource! Be sure to ask them your questions as soon as you have them; either in-class, during their office hours, or other methods listed in the course syllabus. They may be able to answer questions that your tutor cannot. Nobody knows the course better than the instructor of the course!