The EagleCard is your official Kirkwood ID.

You need it for:

  • Buying books at the Kirkwood bookstores  
  • Selling books at buy-back time
  • Registering for class (if an advisor is helping you)
  • Checking out books at the Kirkwood library
  • Requesting a bill, transcript, copy of your class schedule,
    or change of name or address (in person)
  • Admittance to the Kirkwood Rec Center, computer labs,
    and athletic or entertainment events

You are required to have your card with you while on any Kirkwood campus.
You may be asked to show your EagleCard at any time.

Kirkwood students can ride Cedar Rapids city bus route 7 for free, with a bus sticker. Bus stickers are free and will need to be updated each year. Stop by the EagleCard office with your EagleCard and get your sticker.

How to put money on your EagleCard:

Use your EagleCard like a debit card. Deposit funds into your EagleCard account, then use it around campus. Funds can be deposited onto an EagleCard as either "EagleCash" or "Café Dollars."

  • EagleCash can be used at the Kirkwood Bookstores, EagleTech and The Café.
  • Café Dollars can only be used for purchases at the Café on the Cedar Rapids main campus.

EagleCard Deposit Centers
Currency and credit/debit deposits can be loaded on your EagleCard at any of our EagleCard Deposit Centers.

Deposit Centers are located:

  • Iowa Hall lobby (Deposit Machine/PHIL)
  • Second floor, Kirkwood Hall (The Cashier)
  • The EagleCard office (131 Nielsen Hall)
  • Online: Click here to deposit money online

Funds can be added to the EagleCard in the form of cash or credit/debit card in an amount of $1 or more at any time at any EagleCard Deposit Center. EagleCard Deposit Centers accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Cash, credit/debit card and personal check deposits will be accepted during normal business hours at the Cashier desk on the second floor of Kirkwood Hall and the EagleCard office.

By Mail
You can even mail a personal check for deposit to an EagleCard debit account.

  • Include the EagleCard holder's full name and EagleCard number (k number).
  • Write “EagleCard Debit Account deposit” in the check’s memo section.
  • Please include a valid phone number in case the EagleCard office has any questions for you.
  • Mail to: Kirkwood Community College, EagleCard office -131 Nielsen Hall, 6301 Kirkwood Blvd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-2068.

In Person
The EagleCard office will accept EagleCard account deposits, meal plan purchases and answer your questions. We are located in 131 Nielsen Hall.


Where to use it:

If you choose to deposit funds onto your EagleCard, you can use those funds on campus. Funds are accepted at the Café on the Cedar Rapids main campus, Kirkwood bookstores and EagleTech. Plus you can even use it to pay tuition and parking tickets.

U.S. Bank and Your EagleCard
You have the option of making your EagleCard your ATM card by opening a checking account at U.S. Bank,

For your convenience, the Kirkwood Community College Branch of U.S. Bank is located at 240 Iowa Hall.

Campus Banking Agreement
U.S. Bank Department of Education Data for KCC

Places that offer EagleCard discounts:

Current students may receive discounts on selected items from local businesses by presenting their student EagleCard ID's at the time of purchase. Some requirements may apply. Visit the EagleCard Office (located inside the Allsop Computer Lab, 131 Nielsen Hall) for detailed information on specific discounted items and a full list of participating businesses.


  • Kirkwood Bookstores - 35% off an apparel item for the student's birthday month
  • Kirkwood EagleTech - Education pricing (specific discounts may be obtained from EagleTech or the EagleCard Office.


  • Ann Taylor
  • Banana Republic
  • Hardees
  • Marcus Theaters ($6 movies on Thursday)
    • Galaxy 16 Cine, Cedar Rapids and Sycamore Cinema, Iowa City
  • Paul Revere's Pizza

Online Discounts

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Spotify
  • 1-800-Contacts
  • Amazon Student (free two-day shipping + other features)