Helpful Information 

1.   Do you have a TracFone? - The carrier for TracFone’s are different depending on the area. Some TracFones may link with a provider that is local. If you don’t know who your TracFone carrier is, contact your provider or where you purchased your phone and ask.
2.   You didn’t receive the text cell phone message – Is your cell phone enabled to receive email text messages? (this is different than texting from one cell phone to another) Your phone must be enabled to receive text messages from a computer to a cell phone.
3.      To assure you receive Kirkwood Alert alert e-mail please add to your address book or safe list.
4.   If you still have trouble, please complete the Problems/Questions form on the Kirkwood Website, under Facilities, Kirkwood Alert (Kirkwood Alert - Problems/Questions)
5.   If the caller just has a question, you may send an email to