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Welcome to the High School Completion Program at Kirkwood Community College. Please view the video below and then take the quiz at the bottom of the page. These items are required to be completed by all students interested in working in our program. Click here if you need a written transcript of the video.

Thank you for viewing our orientation video. Before visiting a learning center, we ask that you complete the following quiz. Please answer the questions below.  If possible, print out a copy of your responses prior to hitting submit. 

*First Name

*Last Name


*Phone Number

*Preferred Learning Center Location

*How old must you be to be able to work toward earning a HSED or Kirkwood Adult High School Diploma?

*Which diploma option is “examination-based," where you take 5 tests to earn your diploma?

*True or False: You must have passing  practice test scores before being eligible for official HSED testing.

*Which diploma option is "credit-based," where you take classes to earn your diploma?

*True or False: Students who take classes for a Kirkwood Adult High School Diploma can take as long as they want to finish a course.

*True or False: Before beginning the HSED or Adult High School Diploma options, students take CASAS assessments to help determine their skill level.