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What is a Campus Visit like?
Let our past students and parents tell you!

"I loved every minute of the breakout session and learning all about the program associated with my major. I cannot wait to attend in the fall and to start my career at Kirkwood!" 
- Alyssa Stoehr, student

"It was very helpful. I think every student should go to TGIF. I am very happy my child attended because it makes him realize what college would be like."
- Mary Lou Gardner, parent

"The speakers were fantastic! Funny, motivating and very knowledgeable! Thanks!"
- Hayley Walters, student

"Before attending TGIF, I had no idea what classes I was supposed to take for my major. Now I know exactly what classes to take and the requirements I need. It was very helpful."
- Brent Osborn, student

"I thought the whole visit was awesome. It helped me so much and I plan on attending Kirkwood in the fall. Thank you! It was great!"
- Colby Johnson, student

"We want to thank you for sponsoring the TGIF on campus held last Friday. We had a great time and enjoyed meeting each and every one of you. We came away from the meeting and tour with a better understanding of Kirkwood and all that you have to offer. The campus is impressive. Our son, Connor, is very excited and he is looking forward to attending Kirkwood in the fall. Again, we thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to sponsor the TGIF Campus Visit. You all did an amazing job!"
- Dave and Sharon Ripley, parent