The following rules regarding personal protective equipment will apply for several hands-on classes at the CITA-Kirkwood Fire School. If Personal Protective Equipment are indicated in the class description, students must provide the following equipment in order to participate. No exceptions will be made unless noted in
the class description.

Personal Protective Equipment must include:

• Helmet (NFPA compliant)
• Protective hood
• Coat with liner (NFPA compliant)
• Pants with liner (NFPA compliant) (Note: 3/4 length boots are not approved in place of pants)
• Firefighting boots
• Gloves (Cal OSHA or NFPA compliant)
• Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) with spare cylinder (Note: Cylinders under current hydrostatic test will be refilled at no cost.)

Exceptions to individual equipment items will be noted in the class descriptions. Individuals with beards, sideburns or other hairstyles that interfere with the proper seal of a breathing apparatus face piece will not be allowed to participate in classes requiring SCBA use. Protective hoods over beards are not approved.