Business Professionals of America/BPA
Business Professionals of America provides students with the opportunity to build leadership and professional business skills. Students attend fall, winter and spring leadership conferences; participate in state and national business competitions; earn awards; perform community service; and seek local, state and national office.
Advisor: Sandra Lingard, Nielsen Hall 236,, 319-398-5899, ext. 5956.

Delta Epsilon Chi/DECA
Kirkwood Delta Epsilon Chi/DECA is centered around business careers. Delta Epsilon Chi enhances your college experience by providing recognition and leadership opportunities directly related to your academic study at the local, state and national levels. DECA is the largest student association for marketing and management students in the United States. Many activities are scheduled throughout the academic year including workshops, seminars, and business competitions at the local, state, regional and national levels. Delta Epsilon Chi is a college division of DECA the popular high school DECA program.
Advisor: Mark Abel, Nielsen Hall 130,, 319-398-5440

Fashion Club
Expand your knowledge of the fashion industry. Improve your career building skills and develop networks that will aid you in your fashion career.
Advisor: Jessica Santillian, Nielsen Hall 333, , 319-398-5595, Web site: