The Kirkwood Faculty Association -
over 45 years of history

In 1969 an organization, known as Area X Instructors Association, was composed of faculty and administrators and had a lifetime dues of $5. At that time there was no affiliation with any group.

In 1970 with the late Bob Doubet, Chair, and Bill Grove, Vice Chairperson, the Executive Board decided that, in order to become a viable organization, it was necessary to affiliate with a state and national organization. The Executive Board studied several groups at length and decided to pursue the Iowa State Education Association (ISEA).

By Fall 1970 Bill Grove, Chair, asked the late Lyle Natvig to rewrite the constitution and bylaws to prepare for collective bargaining, including the removal of administrators from the association. The constitution and bylaws were ratified and the organization became known as the Kirkwood Faculty Association (KFA). Two years later the KFA affiliated with the ISEA, resulting in collective bargaining, which gives faculty a voice in matters of faculty rights and guarantee of due process.

Under that early strong leadership by Bill Grove, Darrel Millard, Lois Weihe, Katy McKay and many others, the KFA has grown and flourished as a bargaining unit.