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* Roommates currently living here are:

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Please note Kirkwood does not support or post listings for roommates looking to live with the opposite sex)

* Description
(This is what will actually appear on the website. It does not automatically pull the information from above. This is the spot you try to "sell" your apartment much like an ad. Please include your contact information such as a phone number or email so potential renters can get ahold of you right away. )

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Academic Internship/Clinical
Roommate Issues
Transferring to another school
Withdrawing from classes

Personal Issues, please explain

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Please submit one posting per person/apartment. Postings will be submitted for approval
and posted online within 3 business days unless the college is on a holiday break.  

*After 4 months your sublease will be taken down by the Kirkwood Housing Office in order to keep the site up to date.
You will need to submit a new sublease posting at that time if you still need someone to sublease your spot.

Once you have found someone to sublease your apartment please request to remove it or contact the housing office.
To remove your information from the Sublease Posting page, please Click Here or contact the housing office at 319-398-7647.

(If you are offering a month or two of free rent you are obligated to honor your
advertisement and the property management company is not held responsible.)