Go to Kirkwood Alert at http://www.kirkwood.edu/alert. If you are not on the Kirkwood network, go to https://alert.kirkwood.edu

2. For first time users, click to register.

3. Enter First & Last Name, and your full email address. You will have an opportunity to enter additional email addresses later.

4. Enter your email address. Click “Add More” if you wish to add more than one.

5. Click the drop down to select your cell phone carrier and then enter your phone number.

If you have a pager, click the drop down and select the carrier. Then enter your pager number.

6. Enter a password and then confirm it. Remember - passwords are case sensitive, and need to be at least 6 or more characters.

7. Select what campus or campuses you want to receive alerts for. You can select “All” , or individual campuses by selecting the first location and holding down the CTRL key for the others.

8. Select your group. If you are a Student, select Continuing Education or Credit Student. If you are Faculty or Staff, select the appropriate choice. If you are in the Parents/Visitors category, select Parents/Family or Business Partners.

9. Under Entry Validation, enter the text you see in the picture.

10. Review the information you entered. If you need to make changes, click on Edit Profile.

11. Send a Test Alert to all your devices.

12. If you have questions or don’t receive the test alert, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at the bottom of the page. If you still have are not able to receive the alert or have further questions, send an email to melissa.jensen@kirkwood.edu