Job Preview

EMS providers administer emergency medical assessment, treatment, and transportation for victims of accidents, heart attacks, drowning, poisonings, unscheduled childbirth, gunshot wounds, and a variety of other illnesses and injuries. The challenge is never knowing what to expect and having to be prepared for anything. EMS personnel often encounter difficult situations in which they must provide creative solutions. EMS personnel work indoors and outdoors, in all types of weather. The daily routine requires physical strength and agility. The job includes bending, heavy lifting, and accessing small or confined spaces. Paramedic' must be able to function autonomously with little or no supervision and must make decisions and act quickly. EMS personnel must have genuine concern for human beings. EMS is not for those who desire a daily work routine, as the volume and type of work vary greatly from day to day. EMS personnel can work full or part-time, according to a variety of schedules. Because of the nature of the work, those in this profession must be willing to work nights, weekends, and holidays.