Occupational Therapy Assistant


I have already completed my general education classes. What should I take?
You might consider taking several courses in an area of interest to you. Coursework in foreign language, sign language, art, early childhood education, psychology, coaching, business, or disability services provides the OTA student with more experience in a specific practice area.

I have my general education courses finished. Does this shorten the length of the two-year program?
It will not shorten the length of the program but it will lighten the course load.

Will I have to move to do Fieldwork?
Maybe. Students are placed according to educational needs. Personal situations are NOT considered when placing students. Most clinic sites are in Eastern and Central Iowa.

Can I go part-time?
Yes. Students who wish to go part-time should take their general education courses prior to beginning the program. Then proceed to program courses on a full- or part-time basis.

Can an OTA work independently?
No, an OTA must legally and ethically work under the supervision of a registered Occupational Therapist (OT). The OT will initiate contact and evaluation of the patient and then decide on the treatment plan. The OTA will provide input to the treatment plan and carry out treatment.

Can I get my OTA degree then get my OT degree?
Yes, but they are two different degrees. The OT degree is achieved through completion of a Master's degree program. The two years you spend getting your OTA degree do not count toward your OT degree. You can begin an OT degree by taking your general education classes at Kirkwood. Be sure to check with the OT program you are interested in to determine which classes will be accepted.


Transfer and Articulation

If you still want to begin with an OTA degree, see your OTA program advisor at Kirkwood.