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What is the mentoring program?
The mentoring program matches all interested students with mentors who serve as role models, advisors, guides, and friends, whose primary function is to help students have a successful first year.Caution! Often results in higher GPA’s.


What is a mentor?
A mentor is your contact on campus, who helps you get from point A to point B, faster! A mentor helps with academic questions, personal challenges, and provides guidance to your concerns.


Why should I join?
Students who have mentors participate more frequently in classroom and extra-curricular activities, gain more real life experiences, and have higher graduation rates! Additionally, mentees have the privilege of being introduced to faculty and staff members of the college with whom they might not otherwise have contact. Mentors also serve as a direct link and quick reference to registration and other processes of the college.


How much time will it take?
You can utilize your mentor as often as you need to. They are here for you. Your mentor will be in contact with you about twice per month to see how things are going. Stop by their office anytime that you have a question, or simply call to ask.

How do I get a mentor?
It’s easy! Simply fill out the form below or stop in the Student Life Office (104 Iowa Hall) to sign up!


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