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Please read the following learner guidelines thoroughly.

  • I understand that Kirkwood will fund up to two hours of tutoring for two credit courses per semester.
  • At the end of each tutoring session, I will sign my name in the space provided on my tutor's time sheet, verifying time tutored.
  • I will not pre-sign the tutor time sheet.
  • I will arrange all tutoring requests through the Tutoring Services office.
  • I will report any problems I experience while working with my tutor and will alert the tutoring staff if/when I stop meeting with my tutor.
  • I will not receive Kirkwood funded tutoring services from individuals with the following relationships: relatives/family, friends, roommates, fiancees, spouses, common law wives/husbands, boyfriends/girlfriends
  • I will not be selective in requesting a tutor and will accept the match that the tutoring staff provide me.
  • I will not apply to be a tutor in the same semester as I am a student in that course.
  • I will contact the tutor immediately and leave a message if I will not be able to meet for a session. If I cannot reach the tutor, I will call the tutor desk (398-5425) and leave a message with them to inform my tutor.
  • I understand that three no shows or excessive tardiness on my part may result in loss of tutor privileges. Your tutor does not get paid if you don't show up.
  • If I exceed the two hour/week limit without prior approval of the tutor desk, I will be responsible for paying the tutor with my own funds.

In consideration of Kirkwood funding tutoring services for me, I agree to conform to the tutoring rules and regulations for learners.

I understand that violation of these learner expectations will result in termination of my eligibility for receiving tutoring services.

Tutoring Services will contact you by telephone and/or email within two working days once you submit this application. Please make sure the telephone number you listed above is current.