Nursing LPN

Nursing LPN

Training to Become a Standout Practical Nurse

Your dreams of helping people start here! Our prestigious, real-world learning focused programs can give you a head start to success in the medical field.

The LPN program exists as the first step in our ladder nursing design, in which the first two semesters of the ADN program lead to a Practical Nursing (PN) diploma. You can stop after those first two semesters or continue on to earn your Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN)

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Kirkwood offers more than $3 million in scholarships for students each year, and there are 35 for students enrolled in nursing programs. Nursing students may also qualify for the tuition-free Last Dollar Scholarship and/or the Kibbie Grant.

Nursing classes cover areas including medical, surgical, geriatric, maternal-child, pediatric, and mental health. You'll also learn patient care skills with supervised laboratory, simulation, and real-life clinical experiences that begin in your first semester.

All clinical instruction for nursing takes place in area hospitals, nursing homes, mental health facilities, and other local health care agencies.

All nursing students are required to complete Certified Nurse Aid training and successfully pass the written and skills examination before beginning the technical and clinical portion of the program.

You must also be on the Iowa Direct Care Worker registry and be listed as "eligible".

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Our LPNs find rewarding jobs. Kirkwood graduates work in a wide variety of  clinical settings and graduate with the skills to contribute immediately in this in-demand field.

  • Acute care
  • Community health
  • Hemodialysis
  • Home care
  • Nursing home
  • Office nurse
  • School nurse

We train standout nurses! Our LPN graduates regularly pass the NCLEX-PN licensing exams, with graduate pass rates of 100 percent over the past four years. Current NCLEX-PN rates for all nursing programs in the state of Iowa are published on the Iowa Board of Nursing website.

Within the scope of practice of the practical nurse, the Kirkwood nursing program graduate will:

  • Provide compassionate patient-centered care to meet client physical, psychological, cultural and spiritual needs within the context of the family and the community.
  • Collaborate with members of the interdisciplinary health care team to ensure the provision of safe, quality, effective care through the use of communication and relationship–building skills.
  • Use systematic assessment, critical analysis, and application of best evidence and practices to implement evidence-based health promotion, prevention, and condition management to optimize patient, family, and population health.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of health care organization quality improvements.
  • Implement safe care practices for patients, families, communities, and members of the health care team.
  • Utilize electronic medical records, intranet and internet resources, and other informatics resources and tools to make informed clinical decisions.
  • Facilitate patient self-management of health through planned education coordinated across the continuum of care to promote health, prevent illness, and manage health care conditions in the context of the family and the community.
  • Perform all activities ethically and with integrity, always demonstrating a commitment to provide evidence-based, safe, quality, compassionate care for diverse patients, families and communities.
  • Develop and use leadership skills to organize, motivate and inspire health care team members to provide safe, quality, effective, and efficient patient care.
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