Agribusiness Entrepreneurship

Agribusiness Entrepreneurship

Offered as part of Agricultural Business Diploma A.A.S. degree, the 15 credit hour Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Certificate can help you develop skills to recognize business opportunities, make financial considerations, and pursue the marketing of value-added agricultural products.

This certificate isn’t eligible for financial aid, but can be earned while enrolled in the Agricultural Business A.A.S. program.

Plan of Study

First Semester

  • AGB-470 - Farm Records, Accounts, Analysis (3)
  • AGC-420 - Issues in Agriculture (3)

6 Credit Hours

Second Semester

  • AGB-336 - Agricultural Selling (3)
  • AGB-466 - Agricultural Finance (3)
  • AGB-331 - Entrepreneurship in Agriculture (3)

9 Credit Hours

Agricultural Sciences
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