FREE Digital Kickstart Courses

Our FREE computer and digital classes are here to help you brush up on using technology in the classroom and the workplace. Learn everything from computer fundamentals and online safety to improving your communications and working in the new digital world. Whether you’re a student, employee, or lifelong learner, you are welcome to sign up at no cost.

Training courses include:

Computer Basics
Build a firm foundation. Learn keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, and basic email tasks.

Computer Safety
Stay safe and savvy. Explore computer safety, including the importance of passwords, security, and online privacy.

Effective Communication
Understand and be understood. Learn to strengthen your communication skills in a digital world, including instant messaging, texting, email etiquette, and professional writing.

Effective Online Learning
Fine-tune your focus. Explore the technical capabilities needed to be successful in an online classroom.

Virtual Employment
Maintain connections with no commute. Learn to prepare for a virtual interview, work remotely from home, and use technology resources like Zoom to communicate.

Resiliency in a Changing World
Don’t just survive, thrive. Learn coping techniques for the “new normal,” including how to maintain a positive attitude.

Classes start soon!

To register, call 319-398-1022 or visit and search using the term “Digital Kickstart.”  


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