On campus. Online. On Your Terms.

  • Kirkwood makes it easy to go your own way. We’re the perfect place to find your pathway, your people, and your passion.
  • In 2 years or less, Kirkwood can prepare you for an exciting career, a better job, a bigger paycheck, a brighter future, and a better life.

Graduate Job-Ready or Transfer-Ready

  • Looking to move into a high-paying career in 1 – 2 years? Planning to transfer to a 4-year college? We’ve got so much more to explore with 130+ majors & programs.

Same Credits. Half the Cost.

  • Kirkwood tuition is a fraction of what you would pay at 4-year colleges — you’ll pocket thousands in savings every semester while getting a first-class education that prepares you for a great-paying and rewarding career.


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