Student User Quick Tips

These tips can help troubleshoot common issues with student technology services. If you're having issues with Talon, student email, or printing and scanning, check here first!

If you need more help, feel free to stop by the Student Help Desk for individualized assistance. 

The Kirkwood student email system is the primary tool for official communication from the college.

Be sure to check it often, you'll get important information from your instructors, as well as notifications from advising, enrollment, and financial aid sent to your student e-mail rather than by postal mail. 

The format of your Kirkwood student email address is: (Example: If your first and last name are being used already, a number will be added to your email address to make it unique.

Your email account remains active only for 9 months after completing your last class. All documents and emails will not be accessible after that time. If you return to Kirkwood your email will be reactivated at that time.

Helpful Kirkwood Student Email Features

Note: You must setup a Windows Live ID to be able to access some of these features

  • Connect to your mobile device
  • Online-storage (SkyDrive) up to 25G of FREE space for documents
  • Sharable calendar
  • Email storage and organization options
  • Shared folders with other students

Talon is Kirkwood's learning management system. Talon provides a variety of online tools instructors use to deliver materials, activities and assessments.

  • Receive/Turn-in assignments
  • Take assesments (exams/quizzes)
  • View additional classroom material (articles, videos, etc)
  • Participate in an open-class discussion forum
  • Receive grades on assignments


Having problems with Talon?

Contact Talon technical support for 24/7 assistance at 1-877-478-7074

Student Print Quota

A $36 credit is added to your print balance each semester

  • Black and white print/copies: $0.05 each
  • Color print/copies: $0.10 each
    • Remaining print funds will carry over through the current school-year
    • Students will start over at $36 with the following new Fall term
    • Tracking the amount printed/copied happens after the student logs into the printer/copier with their k#

**Be sure you log-off before leaving any computer!**

To review Your Print Balance, log in to access:

  • Balances, adding funds, full listing of print jobs and submitting a dispute
  • More questions about the Print Quota? Email with any questions or dispute issues.

    To access Print Admin Login you must have appropriate permissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes. Printing costs five cents for black, ten cents for color per page. See "Will I save money if I duplex print?" to learn about costs for printing front and back ("duplexing") versus just printing on the front of a sheet of paper.

Black and White

One-sided $0.05
Duplex (double-sided) $0.05


One-sided $0.10
Duplex (double-sided) $0.10

A. Yes. $36 is placed on each student's account at the start of every semester they are registered for classes.  The print audit system tracks money in and out of each student's account.
A.If there is a balance at the end of the semester, it carries over to the next semester in an academic year (Fall to Spring to Summer).
A.If the $36 credit is exceeded, the costs remain the same and students are responsible for adding money to their accounts for charges at the same rate of five cents for black ink and ten cents for color ink per page.
A.No. Once per year, ten days prior to the start of fall semester, Kirkwood credits for all registered students are reset to $36. Alumni or students who haven't registered for classes will receive a $2 limit until they do register.
A.Yes. Any money deposited by a student to their account will carry over up to 3 years. Only the credits given by the college will be reset at the start of a new academic year.
A.Duplex printing is printing on both the front and back of a sheet of paper. With conservation in mind, the default setting on campus printers is to duplex print.
A. Yes. Costs are assessed per sheet of paper whether printing on one side or both sides of that sheet. This means it is the same cost if you print on one side of a sheet of paper or on both sides.
A. Yes. The Governance Committee studied the data collected from Summer and Fall semesters of 2010 and determined that $36 will accommodate all students.
A. Yes, all printers at Kirkwood are covered by this new policy.
A. Yes; however, credits dispensed by Kirkwood are reset each fall.
A. Students will use the EagleCash system to add money to their accounts for printing.
A. The students can see their print activity by using the "Your Print Balance" link. From there, they will be able to appeal a specific print job or appeal using a date range. This is an electronic process. A Governance committee will review these appeals and respond with a message sent to the student's Kirkwood email.
A. Yes.