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Where are you going? Learn about various occupations and their "fit" with your unique career preferences, such as the skills, interests, and values you want satisfied by your career. Do career research such as labor market informaton and develop some short and long range goals.

Career Exploration Steps

The Career Exploration Steps are designed to assist you in developing a career that is consistent with your interests, abilities, knowledge, experiences, personality, and values. The process involves charting a schedule of action and then adjusting it when new information becomes available. Career planning draws upon five major steps:

  1. Self exploration
    It’s important to start with asking “who am I?” Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, transferable skills, and interests.
  2. Meet with a counselor in the Dean of Students office to interpret information
    You should always meet with a Kirkwood counselor after completing the self-exploration process and assessments. They will help to interpret the results of your assessments, and ask you the important questions to help narrow down the list of occupations/careers that look like a good fit.
  3. Career exploration
    The next question in the process is “where am I going?” Do career research such as labor market information and develop some short and long range goals.
    Resources: Career Coachinformational interviews, What Can I Do With This Major and job shadows.
  4. Career affirmation
    Meet with a counselor in the Dean of Students office to interpret information and discuss the job shadow/informational interview experience.
  5. Career preparation
    The last question to ask yourself is “how do I get there?” What is the education and training necessary, the skills to develop and possible obstacles and strategies.
    Resources: Talk to a career coach for the help/advice on what education and training is necessary as well as job search strategies, resume writing and critiquing, job applications and cover letters, and interviewing tips.

In addition, check out these tools to help you choose your future career!

Career Quest at Kirkwood helps you explore your interests, values, and skill set to give you a better understanding of compatible careers and majors. Kirkwood’s Career Services office is excited to provide access to valuable resources that will assist you in the career decision-making process.

About Career Quest:

  • Career Quest is a free, voluntary, self-paced course designed to help you explore your interests, values, and skills. The goal is to better understand careers and majors that are compatible to you — giving you a clearer path for the future.
  • Career Quest is perfect for students who are "still deciding" in the admissions application process or who want to change their major or career. It's also for high school students who are exploring potential education or training options.
  • To get started:
    1. Sign into MyHub
    2. Click on Talon (Kirkwood's system for delivering online content)
    3. Select the course "Career Quest at Kirkwood"
    4. Start the modules by clicking on "Course Content" then "Overview"


     Fill out the Career Quest enrollment form

  • For immediate Talon tech support, use the live chat feature to resolve any issues you're experiencing.

For Assistance with Career Quest, please call Career Services at 319-398-5540, or email Danielle Ebaugh at danielle.ebaugh@kirkwood.edu.

Here are further resources to check out to help you identify options and gather information along your road to deciding on a career.


Further Career Exploration:

SDV-170 Career Decision Making - 3 credits

Provides an understanding of the process of career development and making a career direction by extending students’ knowledge of career choices and then assisting in decision strategies. The student works in cooperation with the instructor.

For more information contact a career counselor.



YouScience, a tool that helps students discover their natural aptitudes, is a free service offered to Kirkwood students. Register below to uncover your hidden potential. Contact Career Services with any questions.


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To explore and investigate the many career and major options, create an account and complete all 5 assessments in FOCUS 2.

  • Complete all five assessments. Start by taking the Career Planning Readiness and Academic Strengths assessments.
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  • Make an appointment with Career Services to discuss your results.


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