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Alternative Text Evaluation

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* Semester you received an alternative text:

* Location you received the alternative text:

Did you check out a copy of Read&Write?

If you checked out a copy of Read&Write...
did you take the Read and Write Gold Orientation?

If you attended the Read&Write Orientation...
did you find the Read and Write Gold Orientation helpful?

If you checked out a copy of Read&Write...
did you find the software helpful?

If you answered "No" to the question above...
explain your answer here:

* Name(s) of book(s)/text(s)
List multiple books if applicable.

1. The quality of your files was acceptable:

2. How did you receive your files?
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3. Did Alternative Texts help you do better in your class?

4. What grade(s) do you expect to receive?

5. Would you use Alternative Text services again?

If you answered "No,"
please explain:

6. Department staff were courteous and helpful:

7. Please submit any other comments you might have:

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