Student Center Renovation Project

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Student Center Renovation Project

The Student Center is in the midst of a major renovation project, slated to be complete in 2022.

The Student Center is the core of Kirkwood’s vibrant campus life. This project will provide a central place for students to gather, connect, and find community through improved service and support; enhanced amenities and conveniences; and spaces for study, relaxation, and entertainment.

Read more about the design and enhancements, plus how the work will temporarily impact students and employees on campus.

The project includes a complete renovation of all three floors of Iowa Hall and Mansfield Center, and additions to the north and south of the building. The new Student Center will include:

  • Study and leisure areas
  • Welcome desk and information station
  • New campus store
  • Centralized student services
  • Larger, state-of-the-art meeting space
  • New multicultural and LGBTQ centers
  • Improved cafe and new coffee bar
  • New Global Learning and English Language Association (ELA) offices
  • New Veterans Lounge
  • Improved Art Gallery and new Fine Arts District

Architect rendering of the outside of the new student center.

Architect rendering of The Landing space in the new student center.

Architect Rendering of Student Center

OPN Architects, Workshop Architects, and the Kirkwood campus steering committee worked hard on the renovation plan and addition for Iowa Hall and Mansfield Center, along with improvements to the Library façade and adjacent green space.

To create a student-centric building, the project teams sought input from students, faculty, and staff throughout the process. All feedback emphasized the need for a place students could call their own, as well as a facility that honors the innovative history of Kirkwood and its potential to impact the lives of our students in the future.

The Iowa Hall and Mansfield complex is an important hub of activity at Kirkwood. While the project promises to have a major impact on the student experience, we must recognize the challenges the improvement project brings for everyone on campus.

From the beginning the project teams have seen this initiative as more than a building renovation. Departments and employees have been asked to think differently about their work, and how to best support students both during the renovation and beyond. 

Needless to say, any project of this magnitude doesn’t come without sacrifices. The focus continues to be on long-term improvement and the strategic goal of enhancing student success. The mission will be accomplished through continued focus on Kirkwood’s goals and by keeping the needs of students at the forefront of our thinking.

Construction and Wayfinding Videos

Temporary Office and Staff Locations

The planning team appreciates the work of faculty and staff, especially those who have been asked to relocate from their existing spaces in other buildings to accommodate the relocated Iowa Hall departments. Faculty and staff have been flexible, creative, and have remained focused on meeting student needs throughout the decision-making process.

The main Café closed operations on December 13, 2019. The Café location in Linn Hall is open, with an additional location in the Bookstore in Benton Hall. Both will offer menu options comprised of grab-and-go items such as: sandwiches, salads, fruits and vegetables, pastry items, and coffee.

Catering arrangements may be made by contacting The Hotel. While we anticipate continuing to meet many catering needs of departments, there may be some cases when The Hotel cannot accommodate a catering request. In these instances, The Hotel staff will assist in securing an off campus catering option to meet the needs of our teams.

After Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2019, U.S. Bank and the ATM will be closed. An additional ATM can be found on main campus in the Hotel lobby.

Department Temporary Location
Academic Affairs 3067 Cedar Hall
Admissions 2nd Floor Kirkwood Hall (One Stop)
Advising and Transfer Center 2nd Floor Kirkwood Hall (One Stop)
Career Services 2098 Cedar Hall
College Resource Officer (CRPD) 2nd Floor Kirkwood Hall (One Stop)
Costume Storage 307 Benton Hall
Counseling Services 2098 Cedar Hall
Dean of Students 2nd Floor Kirkwood Hall (One Stop)
Facilities and Security Room 126B, Facilities & Security Building
Food Pantry 2098 Cedar Hall
Foundation The Hotel at Kirkwood Center
Grants Department 225 Nielsen Hall
IE/IR 236/237A/131D Nielsen Hall
KCELT 2167 Linn Hall
Mail Services Previous Auto Tech Space
Student concerns and assistance 2nd Floor Kirkwood Hall (One Stop)
Student Life Rec Center
Veterans Lounge 119 Nielsen Hall
Vice President Student Services 351 Benton Hall
Writing Center 2080 Cedar Hall

The Washington Hall renovation was completed in March 2021. Project highlights include:

  • 23,000 sq. ft. of shop space added for the Diesel Technology program
  • Enhancement of student common space for individual and group use
  • Addition of simulator rooms to accommodate current and future simulators for combine and sprayer operation
  • Updating of auditorium and specialized classrooms to be more flexible learning spaces
Washington Hall

The renovation of the Recreation Center is complete. Project highlights include:

  • 4,000 sq. ft. weight room
  • Additions of: 5 Power Lift combo racks, 2 Intek dumbbell sets and barbells, leg press, posterior chain, curl bench, and 2 dual stack functional trainers
  • 1,300 sq. ft. multi-purpose room for fitness classes such as yoga and pilates
Michael J Gould Recreation Center

Students in the Automotive Technology program began using the new space fall 2019. Project highlights include:

  • Enhanced lab space, including an increase to the number of automotive service bays
  • Updated classrooms, with enough space to fit a vehicle for training
  • Addition of the Chassis Dynamometer and Transmission Dynamometer allowing for measurement of horsepower torque, wheel speed, and engine systems
Automotive Technology

Renovation FAQs

Tentative completion is scheduled in fall 2022.

No, your tuition cost will not change as a result of the renovations. In 2017, voters passed a $60 million bond issue that covers the cost.

The new Student Center will be the main hub of campus! It’s a place designed for Kirkwood students to hang out, study, meet up with student clubs or organizations, or get the help you need from your academic advisor or career coach.

Potentially, but you’ll be notified in advance, so you can plan ahead.

As the renovation progresses, parking to the south of Iowa Hall will be reduced.

The services previously found in Iowa Hall will still be available. They will be housed in the temporary locations.

If you have questions about the renovation projects, please reach out to us at