Web Technologies
2-year AAS degree

Web Technologies provides students with the opportunity to pursue an associate degree built on a strong base of Web-related course work tailored to the student's individual interest with one of three elective emphasis areas. For those who do not presently need or have time to complete a degree, there are also two shorter certificate options available.

This degree appeals to students with a range of interests connected with the Web. Students begin with a set of basic courses covering HTML and CSS, Web media, and introductory computer and programming skills. As the program progresses, students learn various aspects of Web design and development through courses emphasizing the workflow associated with the planning process, site design and the use of standard technologies, such as content management systems, to provide client solutions. Students also consider the business side of Web development through courses in marketing and e-commerce, learning about current topics such as Web analytics and search engine optimization along with payments, catalogs and shopping carts. The use of scripting, PHP and databases is also included.

Web Design
Web Development

Students in this program may be eligible to have half their tuition paid for by the Kibbie Grant.

Web Technologies


There are two emphasis tracks for Web Development. One features the Java programming language and creating dynamic interactions with servlets and Java Server Pages. The other features .Net programming and the creation of Active Server Pages and Web Services.

The Web Graphic Design emphasis includes courses in digital layout, professional graphics tools, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash.

The Web certificates are for those looking to add basic Web skills to careers in marketing, graphic design, computer support or management. Students study several of the core courses from the Web Technologies degree program, but without the advanced emphasis areas or general education components. The Web Development certificate begins with basic courses and moves on to coding and database use. The Web Design Certificate also begins with basic courses, but then adds courses in the customization of content management systems for blogging and ecommerce.

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