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"Being selected as a Vanguard College by the League for Innovation is both a celebration of the current success and leadership we have shown in the area of student learning and a challenge to maintain a national leadership position as a premier learner-centered community college.  We look forward to partnering with and learning from the other Vanguard schools and are confident that our involvement with this project will assist us in achieving our vision to invent, develop, and deliver learning solutions for the 21st century."

- Norm Nielsen, Former President Kirkwood Community College

"The Vanguard Project came at an ideal time for Kirkwood.  We had recently made significant strides in planning for improving student success and in assessment of learning.  The Vanguard Project has added propulsion to our movement.  Our selection as a Vanguard college gave us reason to celebrate our accomplishments and to celebrate the fact that we would be able to draw upon the resources of eleven of the best community colleges and upon the expertise of Vanguard consultants.  It has help us bring a focus on the campus to the two questions that will guide our work:  How do we improve learning?  And, how do we know?"
- Terry Moran, Former Vice President Instruction, Kirkwood Community College

These pages are designed to present information about Kirkwood Community College and the League for Innovation in the Community College Vanguard Learning College project.  The League for Innovation invited colleges to apply for their Vanguard Learning College project and from almost 100 applicants, selected 12 of the best community colleges in the country to participate in this unique project.
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The 12 schools were challenged to create innovative ways and to develop new strategies to transform their institutions to more learning-centered colleges.  The League established project goals in the areas of organizational culture, staff recruitment and development, learning outcomes, technology, and underprepared students.

Additionally, this site will hopefully be a resource not only to share information with our companion project colleges but also with any other schools interested in our endeavor to provide the best source of information in the world on Learning Colleges and the Learning Revolution.

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