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If I want to become a veterinarian, should I enroll in the Vet Tech program?
No. You'll want to take Pre-Veterinary Medicine courses through our Arts and Sciences Division, then transfer to a four-year college or university to receive a bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Animal Science, Physics or Biology. After that, you'll attend veterinary school and work toward your Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

I really love animals. What else do I need to be successful in this career?
Self-motivation; a goal-oriented attitude; an outgoing, friendly personality; and maturity. Working with a veterinarian on a paid or volunteer basis is also a good idea and will expose you to all aspects of the career - including sights, smells, sounds and issues that may be hard to deal with, like euthanasia.

I'm still in high school. Are there classes I can take to help prepare me for the Vet Tech program?
Advanced biology and chemistry; anatomy and physiology; geometry; and English.

How do I become a licensed veterinary technician?
You need to pass the national board examination, which is given each June. In the state of Iowa, you must graduate from an AVMA accredited program for the licensing exam.  Regulations to become a licensed vet tech vary from state to state, so be sure to contact the veterinary medical examining board in the state where you want to practice.