Link to Kirkwood Community College

Can I bring my horse to Kirkwood?
Yes. Kirkwood is one of the few community colleges in the country that allows you to bring your horse to campus. After the first semester, the names of students with a "B" average or better, who have 80 percent class attendance and who have not dropped a class are put into a pool. A stall is given to the student with the highest grade point, then the next highest and so on until all 27 stalls are filled. Students are responsible for cleaning the stall, and caring, feeding and exercising their horse.

What vaccinations are required for my horse?
Click here for a PDF of the vaccinations required before your horse is brought to campus.

Do I have to ride English?
You will ride Balanced Seat which allows you to adapt to Hunt Seat, Saddle Seat and Stock Seat Our goal is to prepare you to be an effective rider, no matter what seat you choose.

Do I have to be young and in shape to be in this program?
We welcome students of all ages and fitness levels. Keep in mind, however, that this is a physically demanding program and you must know your physical limitations.