Frequently Asked Questions

Agriculture Production Management

What is the different between an Agriculture Business and an Agriculture Production Management degree? How does it affect my career?
Both degrees offer students to work in a wide variety of careers. Additionally, both emphasize business and production principles. Differences arise between curriculum and instructional approach. Students that have an interest in managing animals and/or crop facilities may be interested in agriculture production. 

Can I transfer with a degree in Ag Production?
Yes, instructors will work with students to build a plan for students interested in transferring to a four year institution. Many of Kirkwood’s technical credits transfer to most four year institutions.

Where do students usually complete their internship?
Our students have interned at large farming operations; fertilizer application and distribution companies; grain elevators and feed mills; and with average and large sized swine confinement operations and beef feedlots. We work with farmers and ranchers across the Midwest to best match the student’s goals with the internship experience.

Who do I contact if I have more questions about the program, careers within the program or questions about Kirkwood?
Contact Cydney Lovell, Department Coordinator at (319) 398-7635 or Holly Feldmann, Department Coordinator at (319) 398-4952.