Tool Requirements
Diesel Truck Technology

First Year Students
As a student in the Diesel Truck program, you will be required to purchase a minimum standard set of professional grade tools moving into the third semester of your program. A minimum standard listing of tools will be supplied to your first semester in the program. During the first two semesters you will be required to use this standard set of tools provided to you through Kirkwood Community College. You will be responsible for this set, and it will not be allowed to leave school premises.

You will need to plan for this upcoming purchase of tools. Depending on your eligibility, Federal Financial Aid can be used to assist with the purchase of your tools. You will need to plan for the cost of approximately $5,000 to $7,000 for your tools and toolbox depending on the vendor you choose. If you are using Federal Financial Aid, you must visit with a financial aid advisor either by phone or in person to arrange for disbursement of those funds.

You can find more information about financial aid at,
talk to a financial aid advisor or schedule an appointment by calling 319-398-7600.

Second Year Students

If you are a second year student, here is a list of your required tools:

Required Tools for Second Year Students