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Prerequisites: Those interested in our program should have a strong interest in managing, manipulating and merging text and graphic components, used to communicate information that sells a product or idea. Skills and interest in art and photography will increase enjoyment and overall design options within our program. Students should be able to work under tight deadlines both individually and as part of a team. Students need to be open to the fact that not all graphic solutions are computer-based.

Associate of Applied Science degree
Entry time: Fall, Spring, Summer



First Year - First Semester (Fall)
  ADM-133   Business Math and Calculators 13
  ART-301   Design Fundamentals3
  ENG-101   Elements of Writing 23
  GRA-101   Survey of Graphic Communication 33
  MGT-145   Human Relations in Management3


First Year - Second Semester (Spring)
  ART-133   Drawing3
  ART-184   Photography 4 3
  CSC-110   Intro to Computers3
  ENG-105   Composition I3
  MKT-150   Principles of Advertising3


  GRA-127   Illustrator I3
  GRA-131   Digital Layout3


Second Year - First Semester (Fall)
  CIS-207   Fundamentals of Web Programming3
  GRA-128   Illustrator II3
  GRA-132   Digital Layout II3
  GRA-140   Digital Imaging3
  GRA-195   Introduction to Web Media3


Second Year - Second Semester (Spring)
  GRA-141   Digital Imaging II3
  GRA-152   Web Design II4.5
  GRA-153   Web Media II3
  GRA-192   Production Techniques4.5
  GRA-199   Graphic Communication Job Shadow1


Total Program Hours     67


1 Your COMPASS math score will determine if you need to take prerequisite classes.

2 Your COMPASS writing score will determine if you need to take prerequisite classes.

3 GRA-101 Survey of Graphic Communication must be completed for admission into the technical sequence of graphics (GRA) courses.

4 Students may substitute ART-186 Digital Photography for ART-184 Phtotography.

Note: Students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university should verify transfer credits before proceeding with this program.  See your advisor to discuss appropriate course selection.