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Associate of Applied Science degree
Entry time:  Fall

Network Administration Track


First Semester
  CSC-110   Intro to Computers3
  MAT-102   Intermediate Algebra 24
  NET-122   Computer Hardware Basics3
  NET-165   Network Plus3
  NET-321   Windows Networking3


Second Semester
  ENG-105   Composition I 13
  NET-137   Advanced PC Concepts3
  NET-174   LAN Administration3
  NET-235   CCNA Cisco 13
  NET-338   Directory Concepts3
  NET-630   Cyber Law and Ethics3


Third Semester
  NET-236   CCNA Cisco 23
  NET-400   Linux Networking3
  NET-561   Directory Administration3


Fourth Semester
  NET-192   Network Cabling3
  NET-237   CCNA Cisco 33
  NET-599   Information and Storage Management3
  NET-600   Network Security Basics3
  MGT-145   Human Relations in Management3

  PSY-111   Introduction to Psychology3
  - - - - - -   Communication Elective3


Fifth Semester
  BUS-290   Employment Search and Workplace Success1
  NET-184   Wide Area Network (WAN) Basics2
  NET-238   CCNA Cisco 43
  NET-348   System Automation and Scripting3
  NET-680   TCP/IP for Networking3
  - - - - - -   Humanities Elective3


Total Program Hours     76

1  Your COMPASS writing score will determine if you need to take prerequisite classes.

2   Your COMPASS math score will determine if you need to take prerequisite classes.

Industry Credentials

The program strives to be vendor neutral to give the graduate the greatest breadth of preparation.  In addition to the degree and with additional study, coursework should prepare the student for some of the following industry credentials depending upon the area of specialization: CompTIA A+; CompTIA Network+; Microsoft Certified Solution Associate - Windows 7 and 8; Internet and Computing Core Certification; CompTIA Linux+; Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician; EMC's Information Storage Associate; Cisco Certified Network Associate; Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate - Server 2008/2012; VMware Certified Professional - Datacenter Virtualization.