Associate of Applied Science degree upon completion of additional courses.**


Entry time: Spring start (Cedar Rapids site)
Fall start (Distance Education program available at Indian Hills Community College and Northeast Iowa Community College.)


First Semester
  BIO-161   Basic Anatomy and Physiology*3
  BIO-182   Basic Microbiology*1.5
  HSC-107   Professionals in Health*2
  HSC-115   Medical Terminology*4
  HSC-210   Health Skills I*1
  SUR-126   Surgical Technology I4.5
  SUR-128   Surgical Technology I Lab2


Second Semester
  MAT-731   Introduction to Math*x2
  SUR-322   Surgical Technology II3
  SUR-323   Surgical Technology II Lab1
  SUR-440   Biomedical Sciences for Surgical Technology2
  SUR-420   Pharmacology for the Surgical Technologist2
  SUR-340   Surgical Specialties I1


Third Semester
  SUR-341   Surgical Specialties II3
  SUR-520   Surgical Technology Practicum I2
  SUR-523   Surgical Technology Practicum II9
  SPC-101   Fundamentals of Oral Communication3

  COM-222   Communication for the Healthcare Professionals3


Degree Courses
Associate of Applied Science Degree Courses
  BIO-181   Homeostatic Physiology*3
  ENG-105   Composition I*3
  MGT-101   Principles of Management*3
  PSY-111   Introduction to Psychology*3
  - - - - - - -   Humanities elective3
  - - - - - - -   Electives5


Total Program Hours     66

Total credit hours for the diploma program is 43.5. Total credit hours for the degree program is 63.5.

*Courses may be taken before beginning the program.

x or MAT-700 Basic Math, 3 credits, or any college-level math course.

Surgical Technology students will apply to take the Certified Surgical Technologist test.

Students must recieve a C in all technical courses in the Surgical Technology program and a C- or better in Basic Anatomy and Physiology.

**This curriculum is for the Cedar Rapids based program or the spring start.  Curriculum for the Distance Education program, or fall start, is slightly different.  Contact Allied Health for information.