Associate of Applied Science degree
Entry time: Fall


This program will have significant changes to the plan of study for students admitted to the fall 2015 program start. Students planning to start the program in fall 2015 may contact the Allied Health office at 319-398-5566 to have general questions answered. The department staff will refer specific questions to the Physical Therapist Assistant program personnel. The new plan of study will be online by August 1, 2015. 



Program Class List
If students do not have the required high school or college coursework, they
need to take the following preparatory courses before admission:
  BIO-110   Basic Biological Concepts*3
  MAT-107   Survey of Math4
  PHY-120   Introductory Physics3

First Semester (Fall)
  BIO-168   Human Anatomy and Physiology I w/Lab**4
  HSC-107   Professionals in Health**2
  HSC-210   Health Skills I**1
  PTA-101   Introduction to PTA 2
  PTA-120   Kinesiology3
  PTA-140   Functional Motor Development3
  PTA-192   PTA Modalities I2


Second Semester (Spring)
  BIO-173   Human Anatomy and Physiology II w/Lab**4
  PTA-110   Fundamentals for PTA***3
  PTA-150   Pathophysiology3
  PTA-193   PTA Modalities II3
  SPC-101   Fundamentals of Oral Communication**3

  COM-222   Communication for Health Care Professionals**3


Third Semester (Summer)
  ENG-105   Composition I**3
  PTA-160   PTA Procedures I3
  PTA-161   PTA Procedures II3
  PTA-301   PTA Clinic I***2


Fourth Semester (Fall)
  PSY-111   Introduction to Psychology**3
  PTA-210   Orthopedics3
  PTA-230   Rehab for Medical Conditions3
  PTA-240   Neurology3
  PTA-302   PTA Clinic II***2
  - - - - - - -   Humanities elective**3


Fifth Semester (Spring)
  PTA-250   PTA Career Essentials2
  PTA-431   PTA Clinic III***12


Total Program Hours     75

* If needed, BIO-110 Basic Biological Concepts should be taken before BIO-168 Human Anatomy & Physiology.

** Courses may be taken before beginning the technical portion of the program.

*** Indicates a course which involves off-campus clinical experience.

NOTE: Minimum C required in the preperatory classes, technical PTA courses, and BIO-168 and BIO-173.

All program courses for the Physical Therapist Assistant program will be offered at Kirkwood Linn County Regional Center in Hiawatha.

High school students should consider taking biology, anatomy, psychology, physics and math prior to entering the PTA program. Volunteer or work experience as a physical therapy aide or technician, or as a nurse aide or rehabilitation aide in a related health care setting, is strongly recommended. In addition to the cost of textbooks, tuition and fees, students are responsible for travel and lodging expenses incurred during clinic education experiences.

PTA graduates qualify to take the licensure exam given by the Federation of State Boards in Physical Therapy. Licensure is granted by the Iowa Board of Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Examiners. All states require a license or certification to practice as a PTA.