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Associate of Applied Science degree
Entry time: Fall


First Year - First Semester (Fall)
  MFG-120   Machinist Trade Printreading I1
  MFG-259   Measurement, Materials and Safety (NIMS)3
  MFG-286   Job Planning, Benchwork and Layout (NIMS)3
  MFG-297   Milling Machine Operations (NIMS)3
  MFG-299   Turning Operations - Turning Between Centers (NIMS)3
  MFG-324   Turning Operations - Turning in a Chuck (NIMS)3
  MAT-735   Machinist Mathematics I2


First Year - Second Semester (Spring)
  IND-155   Microcomputer Applications2

  CSC-110   Introduction to Computers3
  MFG-130   Machine Trade Printreading II1
  MFG-391   CNC-Mill Operator (NIMS)3

  EGT-450   PLTW-Computer Integrated Manufacturing3
  MFG-292   CNC Lathe Operator (NIMS)3
  MFG-298   Surface Grinding Operations (NIMS)2
  MFG-332   CNC Mill Pogram and Setup (NIMS)3
  MFG-334   CNC Lathe Program and Setup3
  MAT-736   Machinist Mathematics II1


  MFG-281   CNC Punch Press Operations (NIMS)3
  MFG-287   Manual Press Brake Operator (NIMS)3
  MFG-339   CNC Press Brake Operator (NIMS)2
  MFG-420   Jig and Fixture Design2


Second Year - First Semester (Fall)
  CAD-237   Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing3
  CAD-300   AutoCAD for Applied Engineering2
  CAD-310   Inventor for Applied Engineering1
  MAT-137   Applications of Geometry1
  MFG-341   CNC Lathe Operations (NIMS)2
  MFG-343   CNC Milling Operations (NIMS)2
  - - - - - -   Humanities or History/Cultures elective3
  - - - - - -   Communications elective3


Second Year - Second Semester (Spring)
  MFG-348   EDM Wire Operations (NIMS)1
  MFG-283   Laser Jet Operations2
  MFG-288   Water Jet Operations2
  MFG-317   Automated Production Methods5
  MGT-145   Human Relations in Management 3

  PSY-111   Introduction to Psychology3
  - - - - - -   Communications elective3


Degree Courses
Optional Courses
  MFG-924   Honors Project1
  MFG-928   Independent Study1

Total Program Hours     79

CNC Machining Technology tool requirements:
Students in the CNC Machining Technology program are required to have a tool set for lab activities. During the first or second week of classes, a tool vendor will offer products to students at a considerable discount off the list prices. Instructors provide students with a list of minimum tool requirements. The cost of tools is estimated to be around $3,500, and payment plans are arranged directly with manufacturers.

Industry endorsements earned: OSHA 10-General Industry; Adult First Aid with CPR; Forklift Class 1, 3, 4, 5, 7; National Career Readiness Certificate; NIMS Level 1; CNC Credentials; AutoDesk/AutoCAD Certificate.