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The purpose of this building safety guide is to ensure the safety of life and property at Kirkwood Community College in the event of an emergency or hazardous situation. It is in your best interest and in the interest of those around you to read this guide and to understand it, before an emergency occurs. Please use this guide as a quick reference.

Name Phone
**EMERGENCIES (Ambulance, Fire, Police) 9-911
Campus Security 389-1774
Facilities (Maintenance) 398-5561
Campus Nurse 398-5588/310-5199 cell


*Please contact Campus Security at 389-1774 anytime you or others contact 9-911.

**Blue light emergency phones for use in case of emergency can be located at the following locations:

Emergency Phone Locations (Map)
Linn Hall west end, outside at stairwell exit 319-398-7160
Linn Hall east end, outside on SE corner of building 319-398-7154
Building 32, outside on the south wall 319-398-7153
Auto Collision Repair, outside on the west wall 319-398-7151
Washington Hall, outside at the main entrance 319-398-7159
Continuing Ed, Bldg 12, East Campus, outside main entrance 319-398-7152
Equine Center, outside at main entrance 319-398-7155
Equine Center, outside at south side stall barn 319-398-7156
Equine Center, outside at west side stall barn 319-398-7157
Mansfield Center, west entrance (towards Kirkwood Hall) 319-398-7158