EMERGENCIES (Ambulance, Police Fire)          9-911

     Campus Security                                                  389-1774


*Please contact Campus Security at 389-1774 anytime you or others contact 9-911.

Note:  If you have an issue with a student who is being disruptive contact:

Campus Security     319-389-1774


Dean of Students     319-398-5584

**Blue light emergency phones for use in case of emergency can be located at the following locations:

Emergency Phone Locations (Map)
Linn Hall west end, outside at stairwell exit 319-398-7160
Linn Hall east end, outside on SE corner of building 319-398-7154
Building 32, outside on the south wall 319-398-7153
Auto Collision Repair, outside on the west wall 319-398-7151
Washington Hall, outside at the main entrance 319-398-7159
Continuing Ed, Bldg 12, East Campus, outside main entrance 319-398-7152
Equine Center, outside at main entrance 319-398-7155
Equine Center, outside at south side stall barn 319-398-7156
Equine Center, outside at west side stall barn 319-398-7157
Mansfield Center, west entrance (towards Kirkwood Hall) 319-398-7158