Office phone: (319) 887-3952 

e-mail: olga.petrova@kirkwood.edu





Russian State Pedagogical University, the graduate student by correspondence, pursuing the degree of the Candidate of Philology: October 1992 – present.

Areas of specialty: English historical syntax, pragmatics, discourse analysis.





University of Iowa, Ph.D. in linguistics: August 1993- May 2001.


State of Iowa Teaching License: November 2001.


University of Northern Iowa, MA in TESOL: 1990-1992 (with honors).


Russian State Pedagogical University, MA in teaching English and German: 1978-1983 (with honors).

Credentials obtained: Diploma of Higher Education.  Russian Teaching Certificate.





English – native speaker fluency.
Russian - native language.
German – reading, writing, speaking.

French – reading.





Linguistic Society of America (1997-present).

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (1990-1993).

The Russian Union of Teachers (1982-1993).




Kirkwood Community College, Department of English,  Associate Professor: August, 2002 –                                                                                                           present


Course design and teaching:          Elements of Writing for International Students

                                                            Elements of Writing

                                                            Composition I

                                                            Composition II

                                                            College Writing 

                                                            Language and Society

                                                            ELA Grammar

                                                            ELA Writing    



University of Iowa, Dep. of Linguistics, adjunct assistant professor: 2001-2003


Course design and teaching:               Historical Linguistics

                                                            Introduction to Linguistics

Language and Formal Reasoning


Kirkwood Community College, adjunct instructor: Fall, 2001


Course design and teaching:               Elements of Writing for International Students


Writing Consultant:                            Writing Center


University of Iowa, Dep. of Linguistics, teaching assistant: 1993-2001.


Discussion sections and grading:        Articulatory and Acoustics Phonetics

                                                            Language and Formal Reasoning

                                                            Introduction to Linguistics    


Course design and teaching:               ESL Reading

                                                            ESL Grammar

                                                            ESL Writing

                                                            ESL Conversation


Iowa Intensive English Program: 1995 (summer session), 1997 (fall semester and summer session), 1998 (summer session), 1999 (summer session).


Course design and teaching:               IIEP Reading (Levels 2, 4, 5)

                                                            IIEP Writing  (Levels 1, 2, 3)

                                                            IIEP Grammar (Level 1)




Teaching Assistant Preparation Program (TAPE), University of Iowa: 1998 (summer session), 1999 (summer session), 2001 (summer session).


Course design and teaching:               TAPE Presentations


Russian State Pedagogical University, Foreign Languages Department 

(St. Petersburg, Russia), assistant professor of English: 1989-1990; 1992-1993.


Discussion sections and grading:        History of English


Course design and teaching:               Practical grammar (sophomores)

                                                            Practical phonetics (freshmen)

                                                            Analytical Reading (sophomores, seniors)

                                                            Conversation (seniors, graduate students)

                                                            Writing (sophomores, seniors)


Russian State Pedagogical University, College of Continuing (Adult) Education,

Intensive English Program: 1992-1993.


Course design and teaching:               Conversation (adult professionals)


Specialized secondary school #397 (with intensive English program) (St. Petersburg, Russia), teacher of English: 1983-1989.


Course design and teaching:               Practical English

                                                            English and American literature

                                                            Technical translation


Grade levels taught:                            2nd through 10th






Petrova, Olga, Rosemary Plapp, Catherine Ringen and Szilárd Szentgyörgyi. 2005. “Voice and Aspiration: Evidence from Russian, Hungarian, German, Swedish, and Turkish,” The Linguistic Review.


Petrova, Olga. 2004. The Role of Perceptual Contrast in Verner’s Law: The Optimality Theoretic Perspective. In Studies in the History of the English Language II. Unfolding Conversations, Anne L. Curzan and Kimberly Emmons, eds.  Mouton de Gruyter, 371-408.


Petrova, Olga and Szilard Szentgyörgyi. 2004. /v/ and voice assimilation in Hungarian and Russian.  In Gregorz Dogil (ed.)  Special Issue on Voice, Folia Linguistica, Vol. 28, 87-116.


Petrova, Olga.  2002.  Sonorants and the labiodental continuant /v/ in Russian  voice assimilation: an OT analysis.  Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics: The Amherst Meeting 2002. Michigan Slavic Publications, 413-432.


Petrova, Olga. 2000.  Grimm’s Law in Optimality Theory. Proceeding of the

Eleventh Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference (Los Angeles, June 3-4, 1999). Journal of Indo-European Studies Monograph Series: Washington, D.C. 


Petrova, Olga. 1993. Pragmatic Characteristics of Stage Directions in the Evolution of

English Drama. Linguistics Publications of the Russian State Pedagogical University, November 1993.





At various times have tutored college students in ESL, in Russian, in essay writing, and in theoretical linguistics.


New Dimensions in Learning, University of Iowa, a tutor:   1994-1997.


Athletic Student Services, a tutor: 1995-1998.



EDITING EXPERIENCE (translations from Russian)


Aronov, Boris. 1999. Piezoceramic electromechanical transducers.  The St. Petersburg

Institute of High-Energy Physics.


Bogdanov, Konstantin.  1998.  The Physics of biology: Is Life Matter, and Does Life

Matter? The Moscow Research Institute of Biological Sciences.

Lvovskaya Bella.  2009. Memoirs.






The American-Russian Medical Doctors Seminar, Mercy Hospital (Cedar Rapids, IA): spring 1994.

The Agricultural Conference (Krasnodar, Russia): summer 1991.

Olympic Games (Moscow, Russia): summer 1980.





Garbuzov, V.I  1992-1993.  Psychosomatic diseases (The resume of a monograph in the

field of psychoneurology).


Technical documentation in the field of aeronavigation equipment, 1992-1993.





“Sonorants and the labiodental continuant /v/ in Russian voice assimilation: an OT analysis”, paper presented at FASL 11 (Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics 11), University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, May 3-5, 2002.  

“The role of perceptual contrast in Verner’s Law”, paper presented at the 2nd

Biannual Conference of SHEL (Studies in the History of the English Language), Seattle, March 22-24, 2002.


“Verner’s Law in Optimality Theory,” paper presented at the 7th Annual Mid-Continental Workshop on Phonology, October 6, 2001.


“Why are there no aspirated stops in Hungarian and Russian?” (co-authors: Rosemary Plapp, Catherine Ringen and Szilard Szentgyörgyi), paper presented at the 4th Utrecht (the Netherlands) Biannual Phonology Workshop (June 22-23, 2000), at the Workshop on Voice in Stuttgart, Germany (June 2000), and at the Lecture series of the Budapest Phonology Circle, ELTE University of Science, Budapest (November, 2000).


“Manner-sensitive laryngeal faithfulness in Proto-Indo-European: an OT perspective,”

paper presented at the 45th Annual Conference of the International Linguistics Association  (Washington D.C., April 6-9, 2000).


“Constraints on Voice: an OT typology” (coauthors: Rosemary Plapp, Catherine Ringen and Szilard Szentgyörgyi), paper presented at the 74th Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America (Chicago, January 6-9, 2000).


“Sound shifts: dispersion and faithfulness in language change,” paper presented at the 14th International Conference on Historical Linguistics  (Vancouver, BC, Canada, August 9-14, 1999).


“Grimm’s Law in Optimality Theory,” paper presented at the Eleventh Annual UCLA Indo-Europen Conference (Los Angeles, June 3-4, 1999). 





Russian Voice Assimilation: an OT analysis (University of Iowa Linguistic Colloquium,  spring 1997).


Grimm’s Law in OT (University of Iowa Linguistic Colloquium, fall 1998).  


Why are there no aspirated stops in Hungarian and Russian? (co-authors: Rosemary Plapp, Catherine Ringen and Szilard Szentgyörgyi) (University of Iowa Linguistic Colloquium, fall 2000).

Fahrenheit 451: Big Read Keynote presentation. (Englert Theater, Iowa City, February, 2010) 





The Graduate Deans’ Distinguished Dissertation Award: Summer 2002


The award for the best paper by a graduate student or a recent Ph.D. at the Eleventh Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference: June 3-4, 1999.


The Seashore Dissertation-Year Fellowship for doctoral students in the Humanities (the University of Iowa): 1999-2000 academic year.


Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award (the University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA): 1995-1996 academic year.


The American Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR) scholarship to get an MA degree in the US: 1990-1992.


First Prize in the (Soviet Union) All-Union competition of the students’ MA theses in Philology, Moscow (Russia): 1984.


Russian State Pedagogical University Scholarship to study German in East Germany (Potsdam, the German Democratic Republic): 1981.


Gold medal for Excellence in Secondary Education (high school graduation), St. Petersburg (Russia): 1978.



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