"Patience...you are never too old to experience college life. Exercise your right to education. The staff at the Monticello Center will be your unconditional support during your college years!"

Mary Ann Ahlrichs, Monticello
Kirkwood Associate of Arts Degree
Mount Mercy, BA Education
Special Education Teacher,
Monticello School District, Monticello

"One of the things that amazed me the most about going back to school is how the knowledge that I have gained has given me more confidence in myself. It also taught me not to be afraid of a challenge, but to face it and get through it."

Brenda Ireland, Hopkinton
Information Specialist, Continuing Education
Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids



"A college education can give you an opportunity for a successful career, and it is something that can never be taken away."

Kay Jesenovec, Monticello
Deputy Treasurer
Jones County Treasurer's Office

"Always try to take at least one class. If you don't, it's too easy to not start again. Take advantage of the great staff in Monticello, they'll assist you anyway they can."

C.J. Johnson, Olin
Registered Nurse/Paramedic,
Mercy Trauma Center, Cedar Rapids
Clinical Nurse Instructor, Kirkwood

"Even though you may think you don't need a higher education...you really do. It makes a world of difference in the way companies look at you when they are thinking of hiring you, not to mention your salary potential with a degree."

Megan Laetare, Olin
Production Associate,
Information Services Adtrack Corporation
Cedar Rapids

"It's never too late to make a change in your plans to do what you really want to do!"

Matt McCall, Monticello
Marketing Sales Specialist
State Farm Insurance

"All the staff at the Monticello Center, and later at main campus, were so helpful in my transition to becoming a student. They were sensitive to my situation and really went out of their way to help me make it work."

Becky Melchert, Hopkinton
Administrative Assistant Communications
Camp Courageous of Iowa

"I took courses delivered in the classroom, as well as through the Anytime/Anywhere format. Courses in the classroom offer immediate interaction with the teacher and the self-paced courses allow you to stay in your pajamas and work from home. The support staff helped me carefully choose the right options for me."

Peg Merfeld, Monticello
Assistant to Monticello Police Chief
and City Administrative Assistant

"My experiences at Kirkwood and with AmeriCorps made me reconsider all that I was and what I want to be."

Terri Reynolds, Monticello
Spanish Language Customer Service Specialist
Red Cross, Dubuque

"Never give up and believe in yourself. You will meet new friends and others in your same situation that will help you along the way."

Donna Yarolem, Cascade
United Clinical Laboratories, Finley Hospital

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