Kristy Black
Dean of Regional & County Centers
Jones County Regional Center

I  provide administrative oversight for the Jones Regional Education Center and  the Cedar County Center. I also manage development of the three Regional Centers that are being developed in Linn County, Washington County and Iowa City, as well as supporting and collaborating with all of the Center Directors and Assistant Directors.

Lisa Folken
Director, Jones County Regional Center
Jones County Regional Center

I support and provide supervision for all Kirkwood programs and services at the Jones Regional Education Center. These programs include; college credit instruction, concurrent high school enrollment programs, student services, and continuing education general interest and other continuing professional development programs. I also provide assistance, as needed, to the Kirkwood High School Completion and Alternative High School Program at the facility. I collaborate with other Kirkwood departments, partnering school districts and other community stakeholders. Other duties include hiring and overseeing JREC faculty, student advising, serving as an ADA case manager and assisting students with Financial Aid questions.

Jane Lawrence
Center Coordinator
Jones County Regional Center

I’ve worked at the Jones Regional Education Center since 2001. I assist students with accommodations for disabilities, financial aid, and registration. I also support our Dean, Assistant Director, Career Development Coordinator and instructors.

Craig Stadtmueller
Career Development Coordinator
JREC 110

I work with our seven partnering high schools to educate students, parents and counselors about the benefits of earning college credit while in high school. Assisting students with the transition to postsecondary education or careers is another aspect of my job. Advising students with course registration and financial aid are other responsibilites I perform.

Charlie Porter
Learning Center Instructor
Jones County Regional Center
I work with students who are pursuing an adult high school diploma, need to earn high school credits, or are studying for their High School Equivalency Diploma. I also teach Personal Achievement Math and Personal Achievment Writing for college credit.

Julie Welter
Career Counselor
Jones County Regional Center

I enjoy assisting students in all areas of career development. My personal mission is to educate students about the career development process so that they can make good career decisions throughout their life.