FUN (and beneficial):

-Creative workshops for campus on functional upcycling (e.g., mac casing for cat perch, 3 ring binder to hang on the wall, etc.)
-Creative endeavors like "plarn blankets" for needy combined with community education
-Sustainable food (and affordable, sustainable food) tastings
-Clubs to support student/staff/faculty fitness, clean-up projects, food interests (vegan, vegetarian), etc.

-Art projects from trash offered by students (in art, design) and faculty
-Growing Gardens implementation for community in cooperation with Horticulture Department (
-Culinary arts 'bug dinner' (Andrew Zimmern, April 11, 2017 "Bizarre Foods, Delicious Destinations: Eat Bugs...Save World")
-More electric vehicle charging stations
-'Reuse' space (like a Goodwill on campus) and/or pop-up swaps (in cooperation with "True Cost" screening and Fashion Students with Marketing Students help)
-Flash mob clean-ups, etc.
-Welding students help with scrap metal branding or eagle art near or on bike racks
-Marketing of various sustainability programs or cost analysis projects by business and finance students
-Sustainable design for construction and interior design students
-Students maintaining website or taking meeting notes (business, office administration programs)


-Ground cover or plantings that revive prairie grass/habitat/wildflowers and require less water/mowing
-Water use (flushing toilets when battery low?)
-More sidewalks (and trash, recycling) on campus to promote walking/biking
-Recycling improvements/expansion (glass?)
-Mini max (Portland State University) to replace faculty trash bins (and collection from individual offices in favor of central locations in hall) reducing janitorial labor cost and plastic liner cost
-Roadside gardens using curb cuts (Small Films, Big Ideas)

-Pilot project where faculty/staff in departments bring own utensils/plates or cafe brings/retrieves dishes after functions

-Screen "Death by Design" and electronics recycling or keep?
-Paid sustainability position(s) (with Green Fund?) (UNI, Central, UI)
-Paid garden position (UNI)
-Responsible technology recycling options (EagleTech)
-Expansion of water bottle stations
-Ban the bottle (bottled water sale on campus along with more water refill stations): contact Drake University as they were successful in doing this!
-Greeen office, green teaching, green living pledges (Whitworth University)
-Green Fund establishment (Evergreen State): "Fees from students turned into fees FOR students" (student projects) and supplement college costs (bus passes or sustainability intern, etc.)
-Documentary screenings ("True Cost," "Tapped," "Last Call at the Oasis") and discussion
-Guest speakers to campus (Living Lands and Waters) and guest speakers from campus (solar/wind technologies, Sustainability Village)
-Zero waste and Buy-nothing campaigns
-Expanding Print Services notebook campaign (will cut semi-used paper and bind into any size notebooks).  Also, working to see semi-used (half blank) paper as standard for campus printers.
-Joining the Paris Climate Accord
-Reduction in printed materials (e.g., orientation)

-Recycling in rooms Hotel
-Fixed in place, refillable toiletries at Hotel


-Bulk condiments and real plates/cutlery for campus events
-Expanded vegan and vegetarian offerings in cafe and at campus events (compare with Gonzaga conference menu)


-Identify businesses that might be willing to collaborate or donate product in kind
-Representatives from across college to facilitate implementation
-Student researchers for survey (including of faculty questions and concerns), petition, proposal writing (including research on what other colleges have accomplished), making of informational videos describing change, minute taking, updating website, etc.
-Partnership with extant student groups (SEEDS)
-Have 'higher ups' send correspondence re: new programs (so faculty read e-mails!)
-Use prominent folks on campus as the face of campaigns (have them pose, etc.)