Thank you for your interest in learning more about Transfer FORWARD at Kirkwood.  This is the second part of the Foundations of Excellence® process. The Transfer FORWARD initiative is designed to study all aspects of Kirkwood’s environment as it supports and serves transfer-bound students and to produce a plan for institutional improvement leading to higher levels of successful transfer.

The guiding principles for this process at Kirkwood:

  • Collaborative: Faculty, Staff, and Students working TOGETHER as colleagues.

  • Data informed: Gathering and analyzing data systematically to inform decisions.

  • Transparent: Information and data is stored in a central location and shared broadly with the campus community.

  • Inclusive: Diverse members who are engaged at all levels of the organization; shared ownership of the process driven from the bottom up.

  • Excellence: About student success, not persistence (retention)

  • A plan for improvement: Not just change for change sake, but a meaningful plan that recognizes and capitalizes on what the college does well and what we can do to improve student learning.