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Policy Statement
According to a federal law known as the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistic Act, the “Clery” or “Campus Security” Act requires Kirkwood to disclose “statistics concerning the occurrence of certain criminal offenses reported to local law enforcement agencies or any official of the institution who is defined as a ‘Campus Security Authority.’
Reason for Policy
This policy is to define who is considered a Campus Security Authority and the responsibilities.
The Policy
The law defines “Campus Security Authority” as: “An official of the institution who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities, including but not limited to, student housing, student discipline and campus judicial proceedings.”
Individuals with significant responsibilities for student and campus activities would include the dean of students, student center, or individuals responsible for extra-circular activities and would be considered Campus Security Authority employees. Also included would be a director of athletics, a coach, or a faculty advisor to a student group. A single teaching faculty member or clerical staff is unlikely to have significant responsibility for student and campus activities except when serving as an advisor to a student group and would not be considered a Campus Security Authority.. A pastoral or licensed professional counselor must be acting in the role of pastoral or professional counselor, and functioning within the scope of his or her license to be exempt from disclosing reported offenses. 
If an employee observes any crime listed below, or if any person reveals to that: he/she learned of, or were a victim of, the perpetrator of, or a witness to any crime listed below, immediately notify Campus Security. Do not investigate or attempt to determine whether a crime actually took place. Appropriate Kirkwood personnel may later contact the employee to gather additional information. 
Criminal offenses that must be reported are:
·         Murder
·         Manslaughter, non-negligent and negligent
·         Sex offenses, forcible or non-forcible
·         Robbery
·         Aggravated assaults
·         Burglary
·         Motor vehicle theft
·         Arson
·         Liquor Law Violation
·         Drug Abuse Violations
·         Weapons: Carrying, possessing etc.
Kirkwood is also required to report bias related (hate) crimes for the above as well as:
·         Larceny-theft
·         Vandalism
·         Intimidation
·         Simple Assault
·         Damage/destruction/ of property
The following are also required to be reported:
·         Domestic Violence
·         Dating Violence
·         Stalking
Kirkwood is required to disclose statistics for offenses that occur on campus, in non-campus buildings or on property owned or controlled by Kirkwood, and public property within or immediately adjacent to campus. Kirkwood is required to report crimes under the Act that occur in the privately owned apartment complexes around campus, depending upon how Kirkwood interacts with the apartments. Examples of privately owned apartments are Kirkwood Village and Kirkwood Courts. 
If an employee is in any doubt as to whether a crime is reportable, the employee must err on the side of reporting. It does not matter whether an arrest is made. For purposes of reporting, assume that a hate crime is any crime which shows evidence that the victim was selected because of the victim’s actual or perceived race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity/national origin, or disability.
The Campus Security or Clery Act applies to crimes on any Kirkwood location (Main Campus, Iowa City, Linn Regional, KTOS, KCETC, Belle Plaine, Jones Regional, Johnson County, Tipton, Vinton, Washington, Williamsburg, etc.), public properties adjacent (streets and sidewalks) to each of these campuses, and locations where other college activities are taking place.
Kirkwood has a responsibility to notify the campus community about any crimes which pose an ongoing threat to the community. Campus Security Authorities are obligated by law to report crimes to Kirkwood Campus Security. Employees should notify Campus Security immediately if a threat or perceived threat exists or if they are unsure of the situation.  
Campus Security Authority Training Video - Campus Security Authority (required viewing)
Campus Security Act