Program Student Learning Outcomes
Floral Careers

Program Mission Statement
The mission of the Floral Careers program is to prepare students for employment in the floral industry by creating an educational culture that promotes basic knowledge, applied skills, professionalism, and customer service skills to meet the needs of the industry now and into the future.

Program Student Learning Outcomes
Graduates of the Floral Careers program will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate proper care, handling and identification of cut flowers and other floral products used in the industry.
  2. Apply appropriate customer service and sales techniques to industry clients.
  3. Demonstrate basic floral design techniques using mechanics that meet industry standards.
  4. Apply technology to the advertising, sales and marketing of floral products and services.
  5. Apply course knowledge and experiences to the successful completion of employment internships.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to plan, implement and evaluate events for clients.
  7. Create displays that facilitate the sales of industry products and services.
  8. Demonstrate proper care and handling and identification of live plans used in the industry.