Program Student Learning Outcomes
Golf Course and Athletic Turfgrass Management

Program Mission Statement
The mission of the Golf Course & Athletic Turfgrass Management program is to prepare students for employment in the turfgrass industry by creating an educational culture that promotes professionalism, integrity and honesty, and equips students with the basic knowledge, applied skills and turfgrass culture demanded in today’s dynamic workplace.

Program Student Learning Outcomes
Graduates of the Golf Course and Athletic Turfgrass Management program will be able to:

  1. Create a turfgrass management plan that includes cultural and chemical practices for a turfgrass facility.
  2. Apply basic biological principles to the maintenance of non-turfgrass plant species that are included in a turfgrass management area.
  3. Analyze how cultural characteristics of different grass species affect the appearance and durability of a turfgrass area.
  4. Design, install and maintain irrigation systems used to water turfgrass.
  5. Operate equipment used in the turfgrass industry in accordance with OSHA safety standards.
  6. Apply industry-related math skills to the application of fertilizers, pesticides, and related products on turfgrass.
  7. Use effective human relations and communications skills within the turfgrass industry.
  8. Evaluate how different turfgrass management practices affect the environment.
  9. Develop an appreciation for a diverse and dynamic workplace.