Program Student Learning Outcomes
Landscape Horticulture Studies

Program Mission Statement
The mission of the Landscape Horticulture Studies A.A.S. program is to prepare students for employment in the green industry by creating an educational culture that promotes professionalism, integrity, honesty and equips students with the basic knowledge, applied skills, and landscape ethic demanded in today’s dynamic workplace.

Program Student Learning Outcomes
Graduates of the Landscape Horticulture Studies program will be able to:

  1. Operate and maintain equipment currently used in the industry.
  2. Identify annual, perennial and woody ornamental trees and shrubs using both common and scientific nomenclature.
  3. Apply basic biological principles to the culture and maintenance of plant material.
  4. Create aesthetically pleasing and functional landscape designs using proper plans selection, drafting and layout skills.
  5. Construct hardscape features that conform to industry standards.
  6. Integrate estimating and bidding skills into design/construction projects.
  7. Demonstrate effective workplace communication and industry-related technology skills.
  8. Develop an appreciation for a diverse and dynamic workplace.