Program Student Learning Outcomes
Veterinary Technician

Program Mission Statement
To advance the practice of veterinary medicine through the education and development of motivated, skillful and compassionate veterinary technicians.

Program Student Learning Outcomes
Graduates of the Veterinary Technician program will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate collaborative skills as a member of the veterinary healthcare team.
  2. Employ office and hospital management procedures.
  3. Apply pharmacologic principles and procedures in veterinary practice.
  4. Perform surgical preparation, anesthesia and assistance in veterinary surgery and hospital treatment.
  5. Perform food animal, equine and companion animal inpatient and outpatient nursing.
  6. Obtain samples and perform veterinary clinical laboratory procedures.
  7. Perform diagnostic medical imaging.
  8. Demonstrate laboratory, avian and exotic animal procedures.
  9. Follow and uphold applicable laws and ethical codes of the profession of veterinary technology.
  10. Adhere to industry and OSHA standards for safety.