Thank you for your interest in learning more about First Year FORWARD at Kirkwood.  This is part of the Foundations of Excellence® process and is the next step of Kirkwood's Learner Success Agenda (LSA).  This is the evolution of what we have learned and the foundation for taking those ideas and moving forward as a college to help students have a more successful first year at Kirkwood.

The guiding principles for this process at Kirkwood:

  • Collaborative: Faculty, Staff, and Students working TOGETHER as colleagues.
  • Data informed: Gathering and analyzing data systematically to inform decisions.
  • Transparent: Information and data is stored in a central location and shared broadly with the campus community.
  • Inclusive: Diverse members who are engaged at all levels of the organization; shared ownership of the process driven from the bottom up.
  • Excellence: About student success, not persistence (retention)
  • A plan for improvement: Not just change for change sake, but a meaningful plan that recognizes and capitalizes on what the college does well and what we can do to improve student learning.