All online delivered sections at Kirkwood Community College require either Accuplacer, Compass, or ACT to be submitted prior to registration. Please view Kirkwood's Placement Testing document for minimum score requirements. International Students - Please contact the Distance Learning Office for further information.

If the placement test was taken at Kirkwood, this should already be cleared in your file for you. If taken at another college, please e-mail a PDF copy or screenschot of your official scores to (include your k# and full name). Your full name must be captured on the page to be accepted.

University of Iowa Students: (Using your U of I student website)

  1. Go under 'Student Records' and click on the 'Verification' link.
  2. In 'Documents and Reports' select 'Scores Verification'.
  3. Download the pdf file and email to (include your k# and full name)

This can then approve you to register for up to 6 credit courses online. An official copy (sent from a school or ACT) will need submitted to Kirkwood's One Stop Office for anything above 6 credits. 

    Kirkwood Community College
    One Stop office
    6301 Kirkwood Blvd. SW
    Cedar Rapids, IA 52404