Creating a Club

New clubs can submit an application with a minimum of ten students and a faculty or staff advisor (non-student). Clubs are approved if they meet the goals and mission of the college and they are in the best interest of the college, determined by the Associate Director, Student Life or designee. An initial constitution and by-laws, list of students (with k-numbers), and advisor’s signature is needed to complete the application status. 

Club & Organization Advisors

The advisor of co-curricular groups on campus plays an important part in the organization and growth of each group. He/she is a member of the full or part-time staff/faculty of Kirkwood Community College whose primary function is to actively advise, counsel, and serve as a resource to students. Through suggestions, comments, constructive proposals, and searching questions, he/she can assist the group in achieving the degree of mutual thinking and consider actions that assist in the club/organization’s goal attainment.

The responsibility of the club/organization advisor includes (but is not limited to):

  • Have an understanding of the club and organization rules and regulations and college policies and the agreement to follow these rules and regulations.
  • Attending meetings with entire group or leadership team as needed.
  • Helping students create and abide by a constitution and by-laws, and making sure this information is current and understood by student members.
  • Serving as the liaison with the Student Life office for all forms, questions, and other concerns or ideas involving any aspect of the club’s activities.
  • Attending or designating an alternative advisor to supervise any activity or conference as long as the students are representing the club, Kirkwood, or any funds are being used from the club or organization account.
  • Approving any/all forms coming from the club including activities on campus, travel, and payments.
  • Have an understanding of club account balance and the process in how funding works in both club and organization accounts.
  • Agreeing to abide by all rules in this handbook, including, but not limited to, the process for using club/organization funding as well as travel guidelines.

Duties of Clubs & Organization Officers

The organization of each group on campus may be drastically different from group to group. Clubs may have a President & Vice-President, have Co-Captains or Co-Chairs, or have all members serve the same role without a defined leadership team. Regardless of club structure, any leadership position the group chooses to have should have the duties of leaders and methods of appointment to these positions described in the club/organization constitution and/or by-laws.

Clubs vs. Organizations

Clubs are defined by the college as general interest groups and can form around a number of interests.  Organizations are formed by the college and based around a specific academic area or program.  Organizations are often led by the faculty/staff advisor from the college and can qualify for funding from the college to support academic growth.  Clubs are often student led and can also create an account for fundraising purposes, but are not eligible for funding from the college.  Organizations who recieve funding can also have a club account for fundraising purposes.  More information about funding can be found below under "Money & Club Funding."

Student Conduct

Students and student clubs and organizations are responsible for complying with the law and all college policies. Alleged violations of this policy or other policies will be adjudicated according to the procedures described in the Student Conduct Code. Students and/or student clubs and organizations who violate this or other college policies may be subject to the following sanctions:

a. Those sanctions listed in the Student Conduct Code, article IV(B)(1)(a)-(k)
b. Loss of selected rights and privileges for a specified period of time.
c. Deactivation-loss of all privileges, including college recognition, for a specified period of time.

The following criteria may be used to revoke a club or organization status as an active club:

  • Has been found to violate the rules and regulations in these club & organization policies and/or policies set forth by Kirkwood Community College.
  • Has been found to have an off-campus bank account.
  • Has been found to misappropriated club/organization funds.
  • Has carried out activities without the proper approval.
  • Has been found to travel off-campus without the proper pre-approval or student travel contracts filled out by each member traveling with the group.
  • Has carried out an activity deemed not in the best interest of the college (in the opinion of the Associate Director, Student Life and/or a representation of).

Clubs who are not in active status may have their financial account frozen and will be prevented from holding meetings, activities, or traveling off campus.

Campus Services for Clubs & Organizations

Room Reservations – As a recognized student group on campus, you can reserve rooms on campus for meetings and events at no cost. To reserve rooms, contact Student Life at 319-398-5578 or email You can also reserve rooms by submitting an activity request form found here. 

Postings – As a recognized student group, you have the right to post flyers on campus; however, those must be approved by Student Life prior to posting. More information on posting guidelines can be found below. As a service to the clubs and organizations, Student Life staff will post these flyers for you. Postings can be submitted to Student Life (230 Iowa Hall) or emailed to 

Popcorn – As a recognized student group, you have the opportunity to use the Student Life popcorn machine to assist in your bake-sale fundraisers. Student Life will provide bags, popcorn seeds, and oil at no charge to the group. Student groups will need to clean the popcorn machine when they are finished and have an understanding of how everything works before using the popcorn machine.

On-Campus Events and Activities

Any on or off campus event needs to be approved by the Student Life office PRIOR to planning specific details. This includes bake sales, informational tables, guest speakers, dances, raffles, food drives, or other special events.

Food for Events – Clubs and Organizations need to follow the college’s food policies and work with The Café for any food needs for meetings, events, or activities.

Bake Sales – Each club has the opportunity to host bake sales on campus. Though there is not a limit to the number of sales a group can have, these may be restricted on a case-by-case basis by the Student Life office based on the availability of space or demand from other groups on campus hosting similar activities. Students are allowed to sell baked goods, however, these items cannot be anything that needs to be kept cold or hot (cheesecakes, pizza, walking tacos, etc). Students must bake or prepare the food to be sold and include such items as cookies, brownies, puppy chow, chex mix, cupcakes, or other items that can be stored and served at room temperature. Clubs may not purchase cookies or goods from a local store (Hy-Vee or Wal-Mart) and sell those items. Any items such as pizza or walking tacos need to be ordered and prepared from The Café on campus to fit with the college’s policy on catering and food on campus. For questions, please contact the Student Life office and/or The Café. Locations for Bake Sales for each specific club can be discussed, but groups are not allowed to setup on the 2nd floor of Iowa Hall to sell food.

Table Events – Several groups each year host informational tables to promote a project or recruit new members to join. These are allowed in the same locations as bake sales and can include the table on the second floor of Iowa Hall (outside The Café) based on availability.

Dances/ Bigger Events – Groups may sponsor dances and other larger scale events, but need to work with the Student Life office on specifics in terms of locations, booking space, and hosting a successful event. Groups are not allowed to host a public showing of a movie without prior approval from Student Life to follow copyright laws on movie showings.

Off-Campus Events – Events, activities, or fundraising outside of Kirkwood’s campus is allowed, however, must have the granted permission from the Student Life office. If working with area businesses, Student Life MUST have a list of businesses where students plan to seek donations or host activity (including donation boxes). Events such as a car wash or banquet off-campus are possible, but take a bit more coordination with the Student Life office.

Posters and Advertising

All posters and flyers must be approved by the Student Life office PRIOR to posting. Posters that are not approved will be taken down. The following guidelines must be followed for club and organization posters:

  • Posters cannot be taped to painted walls or unapproved areas.
  • Posters cannot include a “tear-off” fringe.
  • We do not endorse for-profit businesses, political candidates or religious organizations.
  • We do not approve off-campus event flyers unless it is a non-profit organization with no fee for attendance. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis if there is a connection with an on campus group or department.
  • No “For-Sale” advertising with exception of bake sales and other approved activities.
  • Posters cannot be placed in classrooms or on the clips outside of classrooms. These holders and boards are reserved for class and department specific notices.
  • Individual class postings are not allowed on campus beyond specific department boards. These are made available to students when searching for classes on EagleNet.
  • Any apartment or housing postings need to be approved by Student Life and placed ONLY on the Housing Information board in Iowa Hall. Sublease listings and other information should be posted online at
  • Job postings are only allowed on the Job Board in Iowa Hall or online at
  • Posters for class projects run by students can be posted, but need prior approval from Student Life.
  • Unless other permissions have been granted by Student Life or the Kirkwood Marketing office, posters are limited to the designated bulletin boards.
  • Failure to comply with these posting guidelines could cause your group to have their posting privileges revoked for a designated length of time.
  • Student Life and/or Kirkwood Marketing have the right to approve or deny posting approval at their discretion.

Toilet Paper Flyer – Clubs filling out the correct paperwork with the Student Life office, specifically the Activity Request will automatically have their events added, assuming they are planned far enough in advance so they work with the publishing of the most up-to-date Toilet Paper flyer.

TV Slides – Slides promoting a specific club event (not including regular meetings) may be submited for consideration to be played on the Student Life digital signage. These must be submitted to Student Life in a 16x9 ratio in a JPEG format. Kirkwood Student Life reserves the right to approve or deny these requests and will determine the schedule of when that slide runs.  These can be emailed to

Sidewalk Chalk – Sidewalk chalk is allowed, but only with prior approval from Student Life. Sidewalk Chalk will not normally be approved, but could be depending on the event. Speak with Student Life for specific guidelines on sidewalk chalk.

Table Tents – Groups are allowed to use Table Tents, but must have prior permission from Student Life to do so. Tents should only be placed on tables for a maximum of 48 hours.

Donation Boxes – Items such as donation boxes are allowed in various offices on campus, but must have the approval of both the Student Life office and the specific department where students wish to leave a donation box. The box must have information on what the activity is for, have contact information, and include what group (or class) is sponsoring the activity. It also must list the date in which the box will be picked up.

Other Promotion or Ideas – Other ideas for promotion or activities must be worked out on an individual basis with the Student Life office.

Alcohol & Drug Policy

Clubs and Organizations on campus must abide by the college’s drug and alcohol policies as stated in the student handbook.

Money & Club Funding

Any active club or organization on campus can have an account through the college. Money is not given to these groups each year, but is a fundraising account that allows club funds to be carried over from one fiscal year to the next. New clubs should have their account setup through the Student Life office. It is the responsibility of the club advisor (and possibly club treasure) to understand how this account operates. See more information on organization funding in the next section.

Deposits - Money that is fundraised by groups should be deposited into correct account within a reasonable amount of time (checks should be deposited within two weeks). Deposits must be submitted using the most up-to-date deposit form, (and be done on a computer, not by hand).  They then need to be submitted to the Student Life office.  They will then be approved and sent to Finance to be deposited into your account.

Change Fund Requests – Student Life will provide a cashbox for approved bake sales and other fundraisers. If change is needed for the fundraiser, please arrange specifics at least two business days in advance. Make sure that this amount is given back with the cash box and not deposited into the club account.

Organizational Funding

Academic based groups on campus can qualify for organizational funding. These funds come from the college to support the co-curricular activities of specific academic programs. Funds for these accounts are requested each year (typically in March) for the following academic year. A committee made up of two academic deans, two faculty, two students, and the Associate Director, Student Life then allocate those funds to support these organizations. Organizational funds expire at the end of June and do not carry over to the next academic year. These funds can only be used for necessary expenses approved through your organizational funding request and typically include, but are not limited to, travel expenses, conference registration, and lodging expenses. Several organizations on campus also have a club account (described above) as well.

Spending Club and Organizational Funds

Any questions you have on spending club or organizational funds should be directed to the Student Life office and/or the Finance Department.

Petty-Cash Request – Expenses under $50 can be reimbursed with a receipt and approval. These should only be used as a last minute expense where something was purchased and reimbursement is needed. These need to have the approval of the Student Life office. Keep in mind, the college does not repay tax that you spent and if it is for food, an itemized receipt is required. Any food purchased for on-campus activities must go through The Café.

Payment Request Form – Check requests need to begin with a payment request form, available in a PDF version or an online request form. This may be used for reimbursement purposes or to pay an invoice. A receipt or invoice must be attached and the college must have a W9 filled out by the person or group receiving the payment. The college does not pay or reimburse for tax (with the exception of meals and hotels) and itemized receipts are required for all food purchases. Forms need to be submitted to the Student Life office. Please allow a minimum of two weeks to process these requests. Checks can be mailed when ready or you can be notified to pick up the check in person.

P-Card – The P-Card should be used when traveling off-campus. Advisors with a P-Card should follow the guidelines set forth by the Finance Department on P-Card usage. A copy of your club or organization P-Card expenses should be sent to the Student Life office.

Cash & Visa Card Requests – There are a few times a year when clubs request cash and/or visa cards for off-campus travel. These are often used for necessary travel expenses including meals, taxi, etc. Each student will need to sign for the cash/visa card and return proper receipts (itemized receipts for food) and/or unused funds to the Finance Department upon return from the off-campus experience.  The two forms include the Cash and/or Visa Card Request and the Travel Money Allowance Agreement.

Club and Organization Account Balances – Student Life can answer any questions you have on current balances and how to understand these accounts.

Domestic Travel

All groups traveling off-campus must abide by the Student Domestic Travel Policy.  

Travel Notification Form - Groups wishing to travel off-campus must first have their advisor or trip sponsor (employee traveling with students) submit a Student Domestic Travel Notification. That notification will be sent to the Student Life office and approved by the Trip Sponsor's supervisor. Employees filling out the travel notification will have an understanding of the Student Domestic Travel Policy and agree to have each student fill out a Student Travel Contract (below).  

Student Travel Contract – Each student traveling off-campus must understand and abide by to the Student Travel Contract. This two-part contract first identifies common rules & regulations for the travel and second, provides emergency contact and insurance information for each student. This form can be found here, printed, and filled out by each student. The advisor, or trip sponsor (employee traveling with students) must have this information with them at all times while off-campus. The Student Life office must also receive a scanned (PDF) copy of these contracts (and all other travel documentation) a minimum of two working days prior to travel.  These travel forms will be stored in a secure location and accessed in the event of an emergency.

Van Requests – Trip Sponsors can request vans from Kirkwood’s Facilities Department through KIN or by clicking here. Groups will provide their GL Code (Club or Organization account number) and be charged per mile. If vans are not available, Kirkwood works with Enterprise to rent vans. Contact Facilities and/or Finance for more information on renting from Enterprise. Busses are also an option for larger groups and should be coordinated through Athletics in Johnson Hall.