Wilson Rojas Bugueño

319-398-5899 Ext. 5878
Cedar Hall room 2086

I gained my teaching experience teaching English in Chile, where I obtained my bachelor degree in Education and English teacher license. Then I decided to challenge myself and obtained my M.A in Instructional Technology at the University of Northern Iowa.

Through all my years of experience in the field of education, I have learned that the classroom culture is upside down. The leaders in the classroom must be the students, not the teachers. They have to demonstrate that they have the knowledge and the skills to be successful in life. We are in the classroom to make them exceed their expectations about themselves, to challenge their knowledge, and to test their skills.

I see technology integration as a skill that every teacher should master. There is a thin line between using the technology and integrating technology that teachers can decide to cross or not. It is my job as Instructional Designer to help those teachers to cross that line and master that skill.

I can assist you with...

  • Integrating mobile technologies into your classroom.
  • Developing courses using Kirkwood’s Learning Management System.
  • Flipping Learning Model.
  • Design of your Kirkwood e-portfolio.
  • Assisting with multimedia production.


Maryam Ghayoorrad

319-398-5899 Ext. 4189
Cedar Hall room 2087

I am an Instructional Designer at Kirkwood Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (KCELT). I was instructor of Educational Technology and Design and I am a doctoral student majoring Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Northern Iowa. I have taught and served as a graduate research assistant at the University of Northern Iowa for the past four years.
I taught English as Foreign Language in Iran for three years before I came to US. I am a Quality Matters program research colleague. My current goal is increasing quality of classroom, learning, teaching and training. 

I can assist you with... 

  • selection and integration of available technology that supports your curriculum goals and student’s success.
  • consultation and training on the new technology tools and how to integrate technology using TPACK model in your Instruction.
  • flipping your class to create more creativity and higher order thinking for your students in the classroom.
  • finding online free resources or developing some of your own resources for the classes you teach.
  • troubleshooting and providing alternative plans for you to feel comfortable with technology.
“I get excited when I learn something new and I love to share, interact and collaborate!”