How to get help

  • Currently enrolled students may submit up to three requests for feedback per semester to the COW for review.
  • If additional assistance is required, please make an appointment at one of our face-to-face writing centers:
  • Submissions are placed in a queue and reviewed in the order received. If the queue is full, you will need to resubmit your paper once the queue reopens or schedule an appointment using above links. 
  • Please allow two academic days for a response.
  • Please note that we do not correct grammar or spelling, but we will point out patterns of error.  We also do not correct citations.
  • Upon review, feedback will be sent to the email provided. *Be sure to use your full name in your email (not your K number) when submitting your email. For example:  jane.doe@student.kirkwood.edu
  • To get help with your paper, click here